1 minute read

September 2017


I use VSTS to create test projects and demo projects then have a clean up every now and then but sometimes forget how to delete the project, sometime having to ask myself if I delete it from within the project itself or elsewhere? I forget. This quickie will remind me in the future when I’ve not deleted a project in a while and have forgotten (hopefully the interface won’t have changed too drastically then, it’s updated on such a fast cycle there’s always something new to discover!).

This action can’t be undone, so make sure you have backups / definitely don’t mind all of the work being deleted

You need to been in the main account overview page before clicking on the cog (settings) icon.

VSTS main account screen

If you’re in a project this will take you to the settings for the project and not the overall account. To get to the main account page from a project either:

  1. Click on the VSTS icon on the top right
  2. Click on the cog icon and select Account Settings

settings in a VSTS project

On the main screen, select the cog icon and select Overview

overview option from cog menu

Hover the mouse over the project, click the ellipsis and select Delete

delete option for project on main screen

A confirmation screen pops up, write the name of the project to confirm deletion.

confirm deletion of project

Goodbye project, easy when you know how!